Welcome to Uncle Betty’s: a fun, friendly & warm atmosphere; inspired by the home cooked comfort foods of Mom’s kitchen.

Our staff are young, vibrant and colourful, which is reminiscent of the local husband-wife owner duo, Sam & Rob.

“Big chains are overrated, i’d like some REAL food please!”
The food is deliciously homemade, using classic recipes from mom’s old cookbook. From pulling our juicy pork & baking our famous spiced meatloaf to cutting our own fries & crumbing our own onion rings, you’re sure to find a classic dish that’ll keep you comin’ back for more.

A word of warning; unless you’re making the trek from outta town, don’t attempt to try the whole menu at once, you’ll need to work your way through it after a few visits.

Did we mention we do amazing desserts?! Be tempted by our moist chocolate twink“eh”s or our famously renowned Donut Ice-Cream Sandwich (FYI voted best in Toronto Post) We also carry Greg’s & Kawartha’s famous fresh cream, hand-made ice-creams!

About Us

Ok, so back in the good old 60’s & 70’s there was a woman named Dolly who had 8 children. Now Dolly was left alone to raise her 8 kids and, as you can imagine, this was no easy feat.

Dolly’s best friend, Betty only had 2 children. Although Betty worked full-time to raise her own kids, she helped Dolly in any way she could. They were the best of friends and would do anything for each other and loved each other as sisters.

Dolly was not exactly a Domestic Goddess and her culinary skills were…well….let’s just say she was no Julia Child in the kitchen. Betty knew her way around a kitchen and provided a “take no mess” attitude when it came to food, kids and life in general. She rocked in the kitchen!

…so, if you see a lovely 70ish year young woman sitting here with big earrings, big sunglasses, looking quite stylish with a fabulous smile while yelling at the staff…that’s her. Uncle Betty’s is a tribute to single parents everywhere!


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